There comes a time in the life of every boy, when he starts getting interested in the subjects of the men’s world: Women, parties... and music! In the case of Sebastian Bremer from the North-East German city of Schwerin it was powerful guitar music that gave perfect expression to his rebelling youth. Strumming an electric guitar at the age of only 13 years, he soon joined a Cross Over and Metal band as the lead guitarist and singer. This illustrious troupe was not only able to hold its drinks pretty well but also to rock quite some festivals.
But in 2001 Sebastian accidentally found himself at a slightly different kind of festival and was instantly hooked by this multicoloured experience as well as the hypnotic electronic rhythms he got to hear. From now on his musical passion was dedicated to the Trance scene and in 2004 he eventually also discovered the right instruments to give expression to his unbroken musical creativity: CD players plus mixer. His enthusiasm for
Progressive Trance as well as his unmistakable talent lead him straight towards SpinTwist Records, which he shortly afterwards represented as a label DJ. Using the moniker Intellifex he did so at VuuV, Tshitraka, Psychedelic Circus or Indian Spirit Festival, for instance. The latter one is a personal annual highlight for him by the way, because it has a special kind of family character behind the scenes despite its remarkable size. After the first part of his compilation “Still Fresh” for SpinTwist Records gained very positive international feedback, this second part of the series provides another dose of sunlit Progressive Trance stompers.