A new presence on the progressive trance scene that has created an immediate reaction amongst the fans of this music genre: Durs. Created in 2010, this project by Jesus Moreno, has quickly proved that it can take the listener to a new sonorous experience, full with shapes and shades both peculiar and impressive. The combination of progressive, trance, house and techno make this project a very particular offer.

Durs is one of the most peculiar exponents of progressive trance in the world nowadays. He has managed to get our attention and place himself as a fresh bid in its genre. Signed under Spin Twist Records, this project is distinguished by its powerful bases and solid bass, sweeping atmospheres and catchy melodies. Actually, Durs' sound is a mix between clever pop and savage features that can synthesize softness and roughness within the same concept. As a result, we have an elegant and powerful sound.

Durs has conquered the first places in the Beatport charts. His music is constantly played by some of the most important djs in the scene. He has created remixes and colaborations with some of the most important progressive trance artists and has participated in numerous compilations. Definitively, an excellent option for those who like the genre and are eager for new experiences.